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Our Code Of Ethics & Values

Our Code of Ethics & Values requires independent salespeople affiliated with Penthouse Thinking to adhere to our Code’s guidelines and ensure a high level of professionalism, customer service and business ethics when interacting with consumers.


Independent salespeople must market income representations and product descriptions consistent with company directives and ethics training.


Independent salespeople must respect a consumer’s wishes to discontinue a product demonstration or a sales interaction. Independent salespeople must treat each other on the team with respect.

Follow Best Practices

Independent salespeople must follow the recommended best practices on social media training based on the company directive.


To grow a culture where every person is valued and is on a path of personal and professional development that suites their individual lifestyles.


Leadership is committed to full transparency to our team.

Giving Back

Penthouse Thinking values giving back to causes and charities that support our global community.

Bambi Weavil - Leader of Penthouse Thinking

Our Leader

Bambi Weavil has 10+ years of marketing and social media leadership with her own agency and is Founder of Masters Of Ring Entertainment, a national pro wrestling organization.