Penthouse Thinking Podcast

The Penthouse Thinking Podcast with Bambi Weavil is coming soon on June 1, 2020!

The Penthouse Thinking show is about inspiring you on how to live, work, play on a whole new level.

First Episode:

Debuting June 1st, 2020
Special Guest: Liz Dederer

Liz Dederer is the Founder + CEO of Selling With Service. Before founding her company in 2011, Liz created training programs and executed sales plans for international retailers and developed growth strategies for start-up, turnaround, high growth, and venture capital-backed companies.

In addition to turning around an underperforming sales team from under 300K to $1.2M in 6 months, her company has helped clients increase close rates from 0% to 80% in 30 days, end the year 50% over plan and triple top-line sales in under 3 years!

Liz has been featured on the International Women and Money Summit, spoken across the country using The Currency of Conversation™ to empower sales teams and business owners to Close Clients Quickly™!

3 Key Points:
-Important to find the thing that you’re best and most brilliant at that you do, by experiment.
-Seek for the greater good with an altruistic component.
-Know that the market is going to shift.


Show Notes:

[01:29] Liz’s background


[02:28] How the recession comes along and affects us all


[04:18] Her version of the entrepreneurial path


[11:39] How to use your instinct when facing your fears at the same time


[16:20] Be attentive to what’s really bubbling up that needs to be birthed next


[20:41] Ways to not beat yourself up and keep on moving


[22:24] Why do we always do compare ourselves to others?


[24:10] Thoughts about owning our power is as much as knowing what we’re great at


[28:10] How to navigate a sales conversation


[30:10] Are we playing too small?


[36:10] Practical advice for pushing the envelope and be a little bit brave


[39:10] How to look through a hyperlens, a hyper magnifier


[40:25] Stepping into your power is also with love and kindness to yourself.